completed SPRING of 2018

american press box modular structures CHOSEN FOR LA MEMORIAL COLISEUM

American Press Box worked with the construction team of AECOM Hunt and Hathaway Dinwiddie to design and deliver the perfect “temporary” solution to LA Coliseum’s need for press boxes. The structures were meant to serve specifically for their 2018 football season, as they undertake an extensive, nearly $300 million renovation of the entire complex, designed by DLR Group. For a complete article about the Coliseum’s renovations, check out this article >

the beauty of the solution OFFERED BY AMERICAN PRESS BOX is that the STRUCTURES are modular, so they could be constructed quickly and on-site to meet a demanding deadline for the 2018 FOOTBALL season.

According to Dave Giffen, head of sales for American Press Box, “there really was no other option for this project than APB modular units.” APB ‘saved the day’, meeting all the desired features, amenities, code requirements—and deadlines—to keep the construction team’s enormous project on track.” While meant to serve as temporary structures, there are plans for the modular units to be repurposed within the complex, once the custom renovation is completed. In fact, the units have been moved as of the publication of this case study.


LA Memorial Coliseum Undergoes Multi-Million Dollar Renovation

American Press Box is excited to have been chosen to provide a multi-press box solution to serve for the 2018 football season, while plans were underway for a major stadium renovation.