easy installation 


Most customers are skeptical about the ease of installation of our press boxes, until the press box arrives on-site and (literally) a couple of hours later they can begin using their press box. They are amazed it was so easy.

Press boxes are installed on a perimeter concrete foundation (Ground Game Series), or on a new or existing elevated structure. We coordinate delivery, so the unit arrives on-site first thing the morning of installation. This allows the customer to count on minimal crane time.

With the crane in place and the press box on site, the crane operator and riggers install the lifting cables onto the factory installed lifting eyes, and proceed to set the press box on the understructure or concrete foundation. The bottom steel press box main frame is then attached by either welds or by connection tabs. Once attached, the press box installation is complete! When the customer opens the door and walks into the press box, it’s like walking into a new house—everything is in place and ready for use.

At this point, the customer’s local electrical contractor brings the outside power to the electrical panel inside the press box. An electrical conduit to the outside is installed at the factory to ease this process. A wire mold with conduits to the outside is also factory installed to enable any data cables the customer may require to be easily run.

With installation this simple, it’s easy to see why modular is the least disruptive, most time saving, greatest value, and overall best option for any facility.