completed fall of 2017


American Press Box worked with the Moravian College to design and deliver one of our most popular space-saving solutions—the Ground Game™ Series Press Box. This press box was constructed on the ladies softball field, in an area with very little available space. By installing a 2-story Ground Game Series unit, not only does the field and team now have a press box to support optimal media coverage of their home games, but they also get the bonus of much needed storage underneath.

it may be one of the smallest units in size that we’ve done, but it is certainly AMONG the most satisfying projects, because we turned a challenge into a ‘WIN’ for everyone.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.24.51 PM.png


Moravian Greyhounds, Gets APB Ground Game Press Box for their Softball Field

This project is a perfect example of how American Press Box can maximize space and minimize cost for smaller college athletic programs. No matter what your budget or space situation, American Press Box is the go-to company for modular press box, vip suites, concession stands, and storage solutions that will enhance your athletic programs.