On-Site Construction Versus Pre-Fabricated Press Box

We are contacted regularly by construction companies and architects trying to determine the benefits of purchasing a prefabricated press box versus building the press box on-site. We clearly favor prefabricated boxes because that is what we sell but more importantly, prefabricated press boxes offer unmatched benefits.

First and foremost is the cost.

In some cases the cost for building on-site is double versus installing a prefabricated press box or luxury suite. In one instance we were able to reduce the owner’s cost by half. Typically a prefabricated press box will deliver a 30% savings.

The reasons on-site construction is less efficient are many.

First, design and architectural plans are needed. Structural engineering plans and approvals are required. In the case of prefabricated buildings these steps are for the most part eliminated.


When constructing on-site the construction company faces a number of challenges that are not faced when installing a prefabricated building. Weather delays, security, theft of materials, delivery costs, and most importantly labor costs.

Building at elevation also drives up the cost. The building will be constructed on top of the understructure. This means all of the materials will have to be delivered to the elevated platform and that means long-term rental of equipment and in some cases higher labor rates for working above ground. All of these costs are eliminated with a prefabricated press box.

Installation can be accomplished in a day with the rental of one or two cranes depending on the size of the press box.

Karen Crane